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Integration and development services


Many organisations today have adopted a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach for integrating and re-using existing assets. Atesis consultants have been involved on multiple integration projects and provide the depth of understanding in the architectures and technologies (such WebSphere ESB, WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Message Broker) that underpin the delivery of SOA solutions. Atesis also provide J2EE […]

Connecting people and sharing information


With the popularity of social networking and collaboration technologies, companies have also realised the benefits of collaborative solutions in reducing costs and fostering innovative teams and communities. Atesis have expertise in implementing the suite of IBM collaboration technologies such as Lotus Connections (with profiles, blogs, wikis, and communities), Lotus Sametime for real time communication, and Lotus […]

Ensuring your web applications perform


Any successful implementation needs to go through the rigors of performance testing to ensure that applications can support performance and scalability requirements. Atesis offers specialised performance testing services that will: Assess production readiness Evaluate whether performance requirements are met Identify and resolve performance bottlenecks Support system tuning

Building a digital experience portal


Portal provides users with a consistent, seamless, secure, personalised, and device independent access to content and functionality within your organisation. Atesis have a proven track record of implementing scalable and robust portal solutions which include: Employee Portals Customer Portals B2B Portals Regardless of the size of implementation, customers can expect to leverage our well defined […]